Convert date format from dd/MM/YYYY to YYYY-MM-dd in Swift

In this tutorial, you are going to see how to convert the date format from dd/MM/YYYY to YYYY-MM-dd in Swift with code examples.

There are multiple ways to convert date format for a specific date string in Swift. In this tutorial, you will be introduced to two methods that can perform our task.

Method 1

Below is given the code for the first method:

import Foundation

func convertDateFormat(sourceDateString : String, sourceDateFormat : String, destinationFormat : String) -> String{

    let dateFormatter = DateFormatter();
    dateFormatter.dateFormat = sourceDateFormat;

    if let date = sourceDateString){
        dateFormatter.dateFormat = destinationFormat;
        return dateFormatter.string(from: date)
        return ""

// Usage of the function
let dateString = "11/04/1991"
let dateFormatString = "dd/MM/yyyy"
let requiredFormatString = "yyyy-MM-dd"

let newDateFormat = convertDateFormat(sourceDateString: "11/04/1991", sourceDateFormat: "dd/MM/yyyy", destinationFormat: "yyyy-MM-dd")




In the above program, we have created a function with the name convertDateFormat. In this function, we just have to pass some parameters:

  • sourceDateString: The date as string type date we want to convert. Here we have to provide the date for which you want to change the format.
  • sourceDateFormat: The date format string of the date we provided.
  • destinationFormat: The converted date format in which we want to convert the format of the date.

Method 2

Now let’s convert the date format using another method:

import Foundation

extension String
    func toDateFormat( inputDateFormat inputFormat  : String,  ouputDateFormat outputFormat  : String ) -> String
        let dateFormatter = DateFormatter()
        dateFormatter.dateFormat = inputFormat
        let date = self)
        dateFormatter.dateFormat = outputFormat
        return dateFormatter.string(from: date!)

// Usage of the function
let stringOfDate = "11/04/1991"
let requireDateFormat = stringOfDate.toDateFormat(inputDateFormat: "dd/MM/yyyy", ouputDateFormat: "yyyy-MM-dd")



In this program also, we have created a Swift function to convert the date format from dd/MM/yyyy to yyyy-MM-dd.

To use the function, all you need to do is just call it and pass your date as a string, the format of the date and the format of the converted date.

In the above example, the date we want to convert is 11/04/1991. After the successful conversion, we can see the date 1991-04-11 in the output.

In both of our examples, we have used the DateFormatter class. The DateFormatter class is used to convert between dates and the textual representations of dates.

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