Get the length of a string in Swift

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get the length of a string in Swift programming with the help of an example.

It is quite a simple task to find the number of characters of a string in Swift. Swift already has an in-built count property. The Swift count property can count the characters of a string.

Below is the syntax of how you can use the count property for the task:


Now see a proper example of finding the character length in a string:

var myString = "swiftspeedy"
var length = myString.count

In the above code, we store our string in a variable myString. After that, we have applied the count property to the string type variable myString.

After we run our program, we can see the output given below:


If you notice, you will find our program is showing the exact number of characters in the string myString.

That’s it…

From the output, we can verify that we are able to find the exact length of a Swift string successfully. We did it in a simple way.

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