How to use Image Literal in Xcode as it is no longer available

In this tutorial, I will show you an alternative way to do the same thing as Image Literal in Swift Xcode.

When I was trying to use the image pick-up option through image literal then I noticed no image literal option is coming up in Xcode.

Then, I tried to use #imageLiteral(resourceName: "Image")

The above piece of Code may work but not every time. In some of the Xcode versions after typing the first #imageLiteral( portion, you will be seeing the image picker option.

But I suggest you not to use this as it causes trouble in most cases.
In my opinion, the option is to use the below code.

UIImage(named: "Image" )

In the above code you need to insert the image name as a string so wrap that in double-quotes.

Who.What = UIImage(named: "carImage")

Hope this line explains much easier. For me, if I wish to change the image then I should type the below piece of code. In place of who you can write the object name whose property you want to change.

Who.image = UIImage(named: "catImage")